Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2014 Wishlist

March 2014 Wishlist
I can not believe it's already March. And yet, we're still stuck with all this horrible winter weather. I read today that Toronto had its coldest winter in 25 years this year and was on Extreme Cold Weather Alert for 32 days. Yeah, it has not been fun. Everywhere you look in stores now though all you see is fun stuff for spring and summer and I'm so ready for the weather to warm up. Here are some things I'd like to get my hands on this month!

1 // I really love these midi rings from Forever 21. They look super cute stacked but would look great on their own as well! I love the idea of wearing a ton of small dainty rings.

2 // This polka dot skater skirt is so cute. I love wearing skater skirts year-round and I'd love to have a polka dot one!

3 // I love this doughnut tee! Because who wouldn't want to wear doughnuts with sprinkles on their shirt?

4 // This teal triangle necklace is so pretty! It's a smaller way of wearing a statement necklace and I love the look of it.

5 // These high waisted shorts would be great to pair with cropped tees in the spring and summer!

6 // I've had MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle on my makeup wishlist for so long, I'm thinking I'll probably end up buying it soon!

7 // I was in Sephora yesterday and swatched this Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Cougar on my hand and the colour was the prettiest bright pink! I haven't heard much about these lipsticks but I might have to give this one a try!

8 // This ivory pouch would be great to carry in place of a purse if you don't need to have many things with you! I've never owned a clutch but it's something I'd like to look into getting!

9 // The Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks by Kat Von D at Sephora look so amazing. I'm obsessed with the one in Jeffree!

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