Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Haul!

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Even though I haven't been posting much lately, I thought I'd show you what I got for Christmas this year! I hope you all have a lovely holiday spent with your friends and family!

I'll start with the makeup! I got the Too Faced Sweet Indulgences palette! I haven't had the chance to play with it yet, but I'm really excited to! I'm really glad it comes with a full size Shadow Insurance too because I'm getting low on my UD Primer Potion!

 I got a couple of books that were on my list this year as well! I really love hand lettering (and have actually been doing quite a bit of it myself lately if you check my instagram), so I really can't wait to go through this book and get some major inspiration!

I also got Tilt by Ellen Hopkins. I have every other one of Ellen Hopkins' books and I can't wait to read this one!

Now time to move onto clothes and accessories! I was really in need of a new wallet since I've been using the same one for a few years now, and I got this super bright pink and black one! It's so cute.

I got a few things from Forever 21. I got an ampersand sweater (and I'm a design nerd and love ampersands), a burgundy skirt with a cute bow belt, and some heart patterned tights!

I've been obsessed with ModCloth's clothing for quite a few years now and have never gotten anything from there before, but this year my parents got me a dress and purse! I'm completely obsessed with both of them. Once warm weather hits I'm going to wear this dress all the time.

I've really been into Asos lately too, but haven't ordered anything from them yet (though I'm sure I will because free shipping!), but I got a few things from there as gifts! I got this gorgeous fox printed scarf, a cardigan with heart elbow patches, and a pair of gloves with burgundy bows on them. I also got some feather pajama pants from Smart Set! I love flannel pjs in the winter time.

fun. has been one of my favourite bands for the past few years and I got both the Some Nights hoodie and crewneck sweater! I was hoping to maybe get one of them, but was not expecting at all to get both. I'm so happy with them though. I'll wear them a ton for sure.

Since I love ampersands so much, I got a few things from Snakes & Suits because their logo is a gorgeous ampersand! I got a tshirt, a sticker, and a couple of buttons!

And last but not least, I got this crewneck sweatshirt from Hide & Seek clothing. I'm absolutely in love with how this was packaged though. It looks just like a pizza box, complete with a take-out menu!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Summer Film Photos

I recently had my disposable camera from the summer/early fall developed and I thought I'd share some of the photos! I really like using disposable cameras. The pictures can turn out so lovely and I love the excitement of having to wait and see how your photos come out!

Here's a few from early fall when I visited my best friend where she goes to school.

And here's some from Warped Tour and an Austin Gibbs/This Century show I went to in Toronto over the summer!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Nail of the Day: Minnie Polka Dots

Ever since I got my dotting tools, a simple polka dot manicure is something I've been doing a lot of. I was kind of inspired by Minnie Mouse when doing this one!

Nail polishes used: Revlon Red and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Haul: Marshall's and Forever 21!

I know I've promised that I'll post more often, but I've been way too busy with school! But I have one week of classes left and then I get a month off of school for Christmas break! It really is a much needed break, and hopefully then I will get back into posting regularly! I have a few posts planned since I just got my room painted this week so I'll be doing a post showing it once I've redecorated a bit more! Also a couple of days ago I ordered some NYX makeup from CherryCulture.com and it's my first time buying NYX so I'll be doing a haul and swatches of those when I get them!

Anyways, these are a few items I've gotten in the past couple of days. I got some stuff from Marshall's today and I made a small order from Forever 21 a few days ago because they did free shipping with no minimum purchase cost!

Let's start with my Forever 21 purchases! I got this nail polish in the colour Fuchsia Purple. It's a little more purple and less pink than I thought it'd be, but it still looks like a really nice colour.

The other thing I got from Forever 21 is a pair of over-the-knee socks! I've been wanting a pair for a little while so I finally gave in and got some. I can't wait to style these for winter with tights and skirts! I can't find these on the site anymore, but here are some very similar navy ones!

The next things I got are these two pairs of Ardell lashes from Marshall's! They were in Halloween packaging so they were marked down to $2 and $3! I'm in desperate need of some new lashes too so I'm glad I found these for such a great price!

I also got these two nail polishes from Marshall's! They're Germanicure and My Very First Knockwurst from the OPI Germany collection. I've had my eye on these two polishes since the collection was released a few months ago, so I was so happy to find these at Marshall's! They were $7.99/ea. which is a couple dollars cheaper than usual for OPI polishes, and my mom works at Winners so I got an additional 20% off because this weekend is the friends and family sale!

I've already tried out My Very First Knockwurst and I really like it! I don't have any nude nail polishes, but I really like the clean look this gives to my nails. I also like that it has a slight pink tint to it so it isn't too brown!

I also managed to get my mom and best friend their Christmas presents while I was shopping today, so it was a very successful trip!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nail of the Day: Movember Mani

I did this manicure a couple of weeks ago for Movember! I really like how it turned out!

Nail polishes used: Revlon Peach Petal and Rimmel Black Satin

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday Favourites

So sorry I'm a day late posting this! I've really been kind of a terrible blogger lately :(. School has been keeping me pretty busy. But I thought I'd still make my Friday Favourites post because better late than never, right?

This cake is soo pretty! I've wanted to make a cake like this for so long. Hopefully I'll eventually get around to making one!

This illustration is so cute.

Long exposure photos of fair rides! So cool!

This outfit. I absolutely love everything she's wearing and I want it all!

A corgi wearing gloves. How freaking cute.

New photos of Charla Vail that were taken by Sam Desantis! She's the cutest and I love the light in them!

This bat enjoying a smoothie!

I'm obsessed with hand lettering lately! I'm especially enjoying Sean McCabe's work!

~Instagram Faves~

First, Instagram has a website now! So you can check out my photos at instagram.com/laurenschroer!

The Christmas displays are up in The Bay store windows in Toronto now! I can't wait for Christmas.

I went to the Collide With The Sky Tour last weekend!

I made cinnamon rolls for my first time last night! I used this recipe.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favourites

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted very much in the past couple of weeks! I haven't made a Friday Favourites post for the past 2 weeks! Hopefully I start posting more regularly again now though! Here are some of my favourite things from the past couple weeks!

These Halloween macarons!

Vera Wang's spring 2013 bridal collection with all different shades of red. Soo gorgeous!

This gorgeous skull & floral artwork done with watercolour and ballpoint pen!

This adorable photo! I love it.

Pantone Hotel! Ahh I want to go here!

Deryck Whibley and his girlfriend dressed as Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger for Halloween! Too funny.

Fun.'s music video for Carry On! This is one of my favourite songs on their album, and the video is fantastic!

~Instagram Faves~

I did this painting this week! I took a few photos of the process so I might make a DIY post for how to make one yourself!

I reorganized my nail polishes by colour :D

I did some pretty dramatic makeup for a makeup contest I entered on youtube! I hope I'm one of the winners :3

This is the pumpkin I carved this year! I drew the design free-handed and cut it in 10 minutes, because I didn't get home from school on Halloween till 6pm, so I had to do something quick! I think it turned out cute though :).