Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday Favourites

So sorry I'm a day late posting this! I've really been kind of a terrible blogger lately :(. School has been keeping me pretty busy. But I thought I'd still make my Friday Favourites post because better late than never, right?

This cake is soo pretty! I've wanted to make a cake like this for so long. Hopefully I'll eventually get around to making one!

This illustration is so cute.

Long exposure photos of fair rides! So cool!

This outfit. I absolutely love everything she's wearing and I want it all!

A corgi wearing gloves. How freaking cute.

New photos of Charla Vail that were taken by Sam Desantis! She's the cutest and I love the light in them!

This bat enjoying a smoothie!

I'm obsessed with hand lettering lately! I'm especially enjoying Sean McCabe's work!

~Instagram Faves~

First, Instagram has a website now! So you can check out my photos at!

The Christmas displays are up in The Bay store windows in Toronto now! I can't wait for Christmas.

I went to the Collide With The Sky Tour last weekend!

I made cinnamon rolls for my first time last night! I used this recipe.

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  1. Um, a corgi wearing gloves? What!? That is TOO cute.

    Good luck with everything at school by the way. I'm in college at the moment and I know how crazy things can get and how hard it can become to find time to blog.

    Lipstick & Lace