Monday, June 10, 2013

MAC All About Orange Collection | Royal Sunset Blush + Flamingo Lipstick

On June 6th the new MAC All About Orange Collection was released in stores. This collection is absolutely gorgeous so I had to get the 2 things that I really wanted! Just about a month ago too the mall near me got a MAC counter so I didn't have to travel far to pick these up! And these are my first MAC blush and lipstick!

The first thing I got is the Royal Sunset blush. This blush is described as a "soft cool peach" and has a satin finish. It really is a beautiful blush!

The lipstick I got from the collection is Flamingo. Flamingo is described as a "light milky bright coral" and has a lustre finish. This lipstick originally came out with the Iris Apfel collection in 2011. This lipstick isn't completely opaque, but I like that I can apply 1 layer of it for a subtle look, or build up the colour if I want to!

Overall I'm completely in love with both of these products. As my first MAC blush and lipstick purchases I couldn't be happier! They pair really nicely together as well and I will be wearing them all the time, I'm sure.


  1. Congrats on your first MAC blush and lipstick! I still remember the first one I bought -- Viva Glam V. I haven't tried their blushes yet, though, maybe something from this orange collection will be my first one, too! :)

  2. What gorgeous shades! I don't own anything MAC (crazy I know!) but these two are so lovely, especially the blush. We just don't have a MAC counter near me so I don't really want to guess shades online so swatches and reviews like these are a blessing :)