Friday, June 14, 2013

My Latest Makeup Addiction - Maybelline Color Tattoos!

Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows have been one of the most talked about drugstore beauty products over the past year or so, and I've been wanting to try them for so long. A couple of weeks ago I finally bought my first one, and have very quickly added 2 more to my collection since!

The three shades I have are Bad to the Bronze, Barely Branded, and Bold Gold. These colours are all beautiful on their own, but they also go great together!

I absolutely love these. I'm usually not the biggest fan of cream eyeshadows, but these are so fantastic there's no way not to love them! They last for hours without creasing, smudging or fading, and the colours they come in are so beautiful!

They are all wonderfully pigmented and apply so smoothly. I like applying them with my finger, but would also apply them with a brush if I wanted them to be in more specific areas. I've found Bad to the Bronze to be a beautiful colour to wear all over the lid on its own!

I'm obsessed with these. Expect to see more in any future hauls I do because I only see my collection of them growing from here. I really want to get a couple of the brighter colours they come in too! What are some of your favourite Color Tattoos?


  1. I love the Color Tattoos as well! I have almost all the colors and they're great as primers for powder eyeshadow, plus they don't crease if I wear them alone. :)

  2. I love bad to the bronze! Painted purple and edgy emerald are some of my other favorites!

  3. These look fabulous! I've been wanting to try these for a while, but I've had some bad luck with cream eyeshadows so I'm a bit hesitant.
    Lovely review! Hope you have a great weekend!