Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

This week Bath & Body Works had their semi-annual sale, so of course I had to go in to see what deals they had going! Last time I went to Bath & Body Works, there was a website at the bottom of my receipt to a survey I could do to get $10 off my next $30 purchase so I put that towards what I bought as well!

Along with my $10 off coupon, there were so many amazing deals! I got all of the things above, and my friend got a 3-wick candle with my purchase, and in total it cost under $30! I'll list the things I bought with their original prices and price I paid for them below!

1. Fine Fragrance Mist in Black Raspberry Vanilla | Original: $14.50 / Sale: $2.63
2. Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Fresh Picked Apple Blossoms | Original: $5.50 / Sale: $2.20
3. Triple Moisture Body Cream in Rio Rumberry | Original: $12.50 / Sale: $2.90
4. Berry Sangria PocketBac Hand Sanitizer | Original: $2.00 / Sale: $0.70
5. Peach Bellini 4oz. Candle | Original: $12.50 / Sale: $4.45
6. Apple Crumble 3-wick Candle | Original: $22.50 / Sale: $8.60

I'm so happy with all that I got! I almost wish I had picked up more things! I'm trying a lot of things that I haven't tried before as well with the frangrance mist, foaming soap, and triple moisture body cream! And everything smells delicious as well!

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