Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Haul: Marshall's and Forever 21!

I know I've promised that I'll post more often, but I've been way too busy with school! But I have one week of classes left and then I get a month off of school for Christmas break! It really is a much needed break, and hopefully then I will get back into posting regularly! I have a few posts planned since I just got my room painted this week so I'll be doing a post showing it once I've redecorated a bit more! Also a couple of days ago I ordered some NYX makeup from and it's my first time buying NYX so I'll be doing a haul and swatches of those when I get them!

Anyways, these are a few items I've gotten in the past couple of days. I got some stuff from Marshall's today and I made a small order from Forever 21 a few days ago because they did free shipping with no minimum purchase cost!

Let's start with my Forever 21 purchases! I got this nail polish in the colour Fuchsia Purple. It's a little more purple and less pink than I thought it'd be, but it still looks like a really nice colour.

The other thing I got from Forever 21 is a pair of over-the-knee socks! I've been wanting a pair for a little while so I finally gave in and got some. I can't wait to style these for winter with tights and skirts! I can't find these on the site anymore, but here are some very similar navy ones!

The next things I got are these two pairs of Ardell lashes from Marshall's! They were in Halloween packaging so they were marked down to $2 and $3! I'm in desperate need of some new lashes too so I'm glad I found these for such a great price!

I also got these two nail polishes from Marshall's! They're Germanicure and My Very First Knockwurst from the OPI Germany collection. I've had my eye on these two polishes since the collection was released a few months ago, so I was so happy to find these at Marshall's! They were $7.99/ea. which is a couple dollars cheaper than usual for OPI polishes, and my mom works at Winners so I got an additional 20% off because this weekend is the friends and family sale!

I've already tried out My Very First Knockwurst and I really like it! I don't have any nude nail polishes, but I really like the clean look this gives to my nails. I also like that it has a slight pink tint to it so it isn't too brown!

I also managed to get my mom and best friend their Christmas presents while I was shopping today, so it was a very successful trip!

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