Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SNAPSHOTS: TBC Flea on Bloor St. W.

This past Sunday my friend Abby and I took a trip to Toronto! The main purpose for this outing was to check out the TBC Flea, which was held at TBC Vegan Bakery on Bloor St. W. There were lots of yummy treats to purchase and a few local companies were there selling some of their merchandise! The main company Abby and I were excited to see was Stay Home Club. I've been a fan of the brand and a member of the club (I have a membership card and everything) for a couple of years now and it's always fun getting to see their products in real life rather than just browsing through them online. The brand is right up my ally and I ended up getting myself a shirt and totebag with the logo on it (the logo has 3 cats in it how could I not?!).

I also bought myself a new DSLR this past week! I've been wanting to upgrade my camera to one that can film video for a couple of years now and I ended up getting a really fantastic deal on the camera I bought. I got a Sony a37 DSLR for anyone wondering. Anyways I used this trip into the city as a chance to try out my new camera and I'm really pleased with some of the shots I got! Check out my snapshots from our afternoon below! “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots “snapshots

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