Sunday, December 21, 2014

Instagram Catch-Up + How I Edit Photos

“instagram It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'd do an Instagram catch-up today! Instagram has to be my most-used app as I love taking and editing photos. 

The first photo here is of my new bag I got from ASOS by New Look! I got it for the winter and I absolutely love it. / Next is from a day I tried out purple lips using the OCC Lip Tar in Rollergirl. / I recently got a new lipstick organizer for 36 lipsticks and I filled it right up! I'm pleased that I have enough MAC lipsticks to fill an entire row! 

I had the most festive hot chocolate in my adorable snowman mug from Target! / My hair was tucked into my shirt this way after putting it on and this is how I want to get my hair cut in the new year!! / I love my new Stay Home Club loose tee! I love everything from that company

This is a display of prints and frames at Indigo in Toronto and I love how it looks. / I saw this mug at Urban Outfitters and had to snap a photo of it, it's perfect for me. / I had my first Lush bath this past month and I can already tell it'll be a new obsession of mine!

The main two apps I use to edit my Instagram photos are Afterlight and VSCOcam. I mainly use Afterlight but lately I've been using VSCO more often too! The filter I most frequently use on Afterlight is Russ and the ones I like on VSCO are LV1 and HB1. To get the mirrored effect on my photos I use an app called FrameMagic, and I use that for any collage type photos as well.

What are your favourite apps? Also, follow me on Instagram @laurenschroer!

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