Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

By now it seems everyone and their mothers have bought and reviewed the Urban Decay Naked3 palette, but since I just recently got my hands on one I thought I'd add myself to the long list of people who shared their thoughts on it! 

First though I'll tell you how I got mine. The Sephora at my local mall had been sold out of the palette since before Christmas and I hadn't been able to find it (once I actually decided I wanted to give in and buy it). But, my friend Sara from Ohio had purchased one and decided it wasn't really for her so she packaged hers up and sent it to me! I paid her over PayPal to help cover the cost of the palette and shipping and it ended up only costing me around 50% less than what I would've spent on it at Sephora! She had only used 3 of the shades and the palette arrived in near perfect condition, only Darkside getting a little dent in it. A couple of pans were loose as well but they popped right back in. So thank you Sara for getting the palette to me!

The packaging of the Naked3 is very similar to the Naked2 palette, a hard tin-like case that is very durable and easy to travel with. Different than the Naked2 however, the Naked3 palette has a texture that looks kind of like a smooth fabric or something. I personally prefer the smoother look of the Naked2 palette but I don't mind this either!

Inside the palette are 12 gorgeous rose-toned neutrals, as well as a dual-ended brush (which I will be mailing back to my friend upon her request, and I have plenty of eye brushes anyway). The shades are: Strange (pale ivory/pink matte-satin), Dust (pale metallic pink shimmer with glitter), Burnout (light pinky-peach satin), Limit (matte light dusty rose taupe), Buzz (metallic rose), Trick (metallic pinky-copper with sparkle), Nooner (matte medium pinky-taupe), Liar (metallic mauve-taupe shimmer), Factory (pink-toned brown satin), Mugshot (metallic taupe shimmer with pink undertones), Darkside (dark taupe with hints of mauve), and Blackheart (black matte with rosy red microsparkle).

There are only 2 fully matte shades in this palette and the rest have some sort of shimmer in them. One complaint people often have with the Naked palettes is the lack of matte shadows but I personally don't mind them only having a couple of matte shades. I really enjoy the metallic and satin shades Urban Decay does and I can easily pair matte shades I have from other palettes (such as my Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral matte palette) with the shimmery shades of this palette. The two matte shades included, Limit and Nooner, are both so gorgeous too and work perfectly with the rest of the shades in the palette.

The only other Naked palette I have is the Naked2, which I got in the fall of 2012, and it has been a favourite of mine since then. So far I'm really enjoying the Naked3 and I'm sure it'll get just as much love as my Naked2 has! I hope to one day get the original Naked palette to round out my collection, but for now I'm fine with the two I have! I love that both palettes here are so perfect for day-to-day and so versatile in their own ways. They can both create countless beautiful looks and are so wonderfully pigmented and just a great quality product!

What's your favourite Naked palette from Urban Decay?

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