Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horse Show!

Hey everyone! Last weekend my sister, Michelle, and her horse were in a horse show! Her horse is still new to showing (he used to be a race horse), and they ended up getting a 2nd place ribbon in the hunter division! This was their 3rd show this summer, and the 2nd one I went to. She wanted me to come along to watch and take pictures, so I thought I'd share a few!

Her horse's name is Gary, though technically he isn't hers, she just rides him. Gary belongs to her friend, Lauren, and she rides him and goes to see him at her barn all the time! She only started riding him this summer, but she loves him. He was so good at this show too!

I feel like I haven't been making enough posts on this blog! Do you guys want to see more posts like this, just showing random things I do? Or do you have any suggestions for posts or DIYs I could do? Let me know!


  1. I would love to see anything. I found this very interesting. I like to read about other peoples lives, not to be nosy but it's just nice and I know its nice for others to be able to share there experiences.

    I have always wanted to ride a horse, they are so beautiful! Your sister is very lucky! And I absolutely love what she is wearing.

    1. Awesome! Yeah I think I might make more posts like this that give people who read my blog a little glimpse into my life haha.
      And I wish I could ride horses too! I'm allergic to them so whenever I even pet one I start sneezing like crazy. So I usually just stick to taking pictures. She's been riding for probably about 10 years now!