Friday, August 17, 2012

Darien Lake!

I'm back from my trip! I was at Darien Lake from Monday until about 2am last night! I won't be doing a Friday Favourites post this week, so instead I thought I'd tell you guys a bit about my trip and show you some pictures!

I went with my parents and my best friend, Robyn. We drove there and camped in a tent trailer at the campground there. We went to the theme park Monday evening and all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then spent Thursday shopping in Buffalo at the Walden Galleria Mall!

The Ride of Steel was definitely my favourite roller coaster there! Robyn and I went on it 6 times! One time we went on it, it was POURING rain! I ducked and hid my face in my tshirt because the rain drops were hurting my face from hitting me so hard haha! A 206ft drop at 75mph + rain = ouch! Here are a couple photos of Robyn and I on it!

These troll tshirts were in the Ride of Steel gift shop and I thought they were hilarious. I kind of wish I got one!

Robyn and I and the Giant Wheel. We went on that only once, but it was so nice to see the view of the park from up there!

Here's a super cheesy photo of my parents and I haha.

Another favourite ride was Twister! We went on it sooo many times!

I haven't taken photos of the things I bought when we went shopping, but I bought this dress from Charlotte Russe, and this pair of shorts (on sale for $8.99) from Forever 21! I wish we had Charlotte Russe in Canada! I love that store!

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  1. you really have so much fun there!! you look so cute!
    is it ok if we follow each others blog? let me know ^_^