Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favourites

This quote and poster.

This cute illustration!

This watercolour ampersand.

This dress from TopShop! I want it so bad!

This quote!

This illustration that sadly describes how I've spent quite a bit of my summer.

This photo of a dolphin! Dolphins were my favourite animal for the longest time! And when I went to Florida on vacation about 8 years ago, my sister and I got to go swimming with dolphins!

This cute little comic.

This deleted scene from Glee that was released this week. Ryan Murphy got a Twitter recently and was somehow convinced to release a couple of deleted scenes! This one was from the Christmas episode this season.

~Instagram Faves~
(I think I'm going to start adding some favourite photos or things from each week that I post on my Instagram to my Friday Favourites posts!)

Sock buns! I finally learned how to do an easy sock bun from this tutorial!

My new sunglasses that I got from Dynamite, on sale for $5!

This picture of my kitty, Jaida, when she decided it was time for cuddles when I was on my laptop.

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  1. Cool! :)

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  2. I found your blog through followers to friends from I am Pisces blog. I am now following you. :)