Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favourites

These illustrations of the band fun. as playing cards!

This cat dress! So cute!

This girl's hair & outfit. I wish I could pull off this hair!

This quote.

Photos of this CMYK-themed wedding! I have no need to be looking at wedding ideas, but I love this theme idea so much!

This tweet from John Green. Which is sadly true for me haha.

This is quite a random favourite, but eBay! I've never purchased anything from eBay until this week. And now this week I bought 5 things. I'll do a haul blog post showing you what I got once I get everything in the mail!

Galaxy leggings, and this giveaway LaurenJadeETC is doing on her blog!

~Instagram Faves~

I wore my sugar skull hair clip for the first time in a while this week!

I like this photo I took one evening when I was going out with my mom!

I left my hair natural and added a few curls with my curling wand one day this week. I really like how it looked!

A Menchie's frozen yogurt place opened near me! I went twice on Wednesday too! Once in the afternoon with my mom, and once the same evening with my friends.

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  1. i really like that cat dress and the wedding table set up. Maybe you should try that hair color your hair seems like enough to pull it off im sure you'll look fine! ;-)

    <3 jojo