Thursday, August 23, 2012

NY and Back to School Haul!

Hey everyone! In the past couple of weeks I've gone shopping a few of times and I thought I'd show you what I got!

When I was in New York last week for my trip to Darien Lake, we went shopping at the Walden Galleria Mall and I got a few things since they had some stores that we don't have here in Canada! I wish we had a Charlotte Russe up here! They have such cute clothing for awesome prices. I ended up buying a dress from Charlotte Russe, some shorts from Forever 21 (that were on sale - score!), and my mom got a couple of v-necks that ended up being too small on her so she gave them to me!

I went out again earlier this week and got a couple of fall/back to school items. I really needed a faux leather jacket because for the past 2 years I've just been borrowing my sister's, and I always ended up wearing it more than she did. So I figured it was about time I got my own! I also got a sheer printed blouse that I thought was so unique and I loved it! I really wanted a large tote bag that I could use for school to carry my laptop and supplies, because last year I was always carrying around an ugly laptop bag everywhere I went! I wanted something more fashionable that I could also use outside of school, so I got this studded tote bag! The inside of it is also hot pink!

I have a few instagram photos of me wearing these clothes too, so you can read on if you'd like to see those!

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  1. Hi! I gave you a Liebster award, I had no idea what it was before I was tagged haha

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