Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bridal Shower Baking

About a week ago, my cousin Nicole called me up and asked if I wanted to help make her friend a cake for her bridal shower. So of course I said I would! She came over on Friday afternoon and we made a cake and matching cupcakes!

Both the cake and cupcakes were red velvet with french vanilla frosting, and the cake was covered and decorated with fondant! I've been making and decorating cakes for a couple of years now for fun, and I really enjoy it!

The bridal shower was this afternoon and my cousin texted me from it saying that everyone loved the cake and kept on complimenting it! I'm so happy the bride-to-be was pleased!


  1. I made cupcakes pretty similar to those! I also used red velvet but with little blue flowers. I really enjoy making cakes, I use to sell them for a living out of my home, I miss it so much! You did a really good job on them!

    Have you ever used marshmallow fondant?

    I always find myself reading your posts but forgetting to comment, but just wanted you to know that I do keep updated!

    1. Thanks! And yes, the fondant I used for this cake was marshmallow fondant! It's pretty easy to make and work with, however I can't eat it because I'm vegetarian and marshmallows have gelatin. But this cake wasn't for me anyways so it was fine!
      And thanks! I appreciate it! I read your new posts too!

    2. Aw yay a Vegetarian! I like it better then regular fondant, it's so good. Tastes like candy. And yes, it is so easy to make and work with.

      Thanks :)

  2. Your nail DIYs are so awesome, I'm learning me some!

    Arwa ♥