Friday, July 13, 2012

Shopping Haul

I went shopping with my mom this afternoon and we got lucky! So many stores were having amazing sales! Between the two of us, we ended up getting 3 shirts, a dress, a pair of shorts, a belt, 2 pairs of tights, and 7 pairs of socks for only $62! Everything we got, aside from 1 shirt, was on sale for at least 50% off!

This is what I got out of all of that! I picked up this oversized neon coral and grey striped tee from H&M for $12.95 (this was the one thing we got that wasn't on sale).

I also got two pairs of teal tights from Smart Set. They were regular $12.00 each, but they were marked down to $0.99 each, and today all the sale items there were an additional 25% off! So I got 2 pairs of tights for around $1.50! I plan on doing a DIY with one pair of them, maybe tie dye tights or something! And I also got 2 pairs of low-cut socks to wear with my TOMS shoes. They were 2 for $7.


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