Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favourites

I can't believe I almost forgot to make a Friday Favourites post today! But it is still Friday for another 45 minutes, so here's what I'm loving this week...

This series of Hey Jude typography posters.

This picture of Panic! At The Disco. I just really love this band.

These fox prints from Ruche. This store has so many cute things!

The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer. I got this book recently and have been reading it this week and I absolutely love it so far!

This awesome photo.

These adorable owl illustrations.

I thought this painting of Kanye West and Aziz Ansari as cats was hilarious.

I think this is a really cute idea to add some colour to a room!

This banner.

This series of paintings of animal faces on photographs.

These cat temporary tattoos.

These photos of William Beckett.

This adorable Pusheen gif.


  1. I like these all! I kept coming back to this post thinking about Panic at the Disco! I haven't listened to them since 2004! That was a long time ago, I don't even know if they have new stuff.

    1. Panic! At The Disco has been my favourite band for like 6 or 7 years. They came out with an album last year actually! It's fantastic!

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I love it.
    I'm also Lauren, 18, And a Graphic Design student haha! :D
    I pretty much love everything you've blogged in this post, especially the Hey Jude posters and Brendon Urie's beautiful face x

    1. Wow, we have so much in common haha! That's awesome :) Checking out your blog now!