Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favourites

I want to start making posts every Friday of all the things I'm loving each week! They could be photos, music, movies, videos, food, clothing, or anything else really! I got the idea from one of my favourite bloggers, Kaelah, who makes weekly "Things I Love Thursday" posts! So here are some things I've been loving this week...

Chevron manicures!

These shorts. I'd love to make a DIY pair of these!

These adorable prints.

This picture of a chinchilla eating a Dorito. It's so cute! :3

My eos lip balm! I had been wanting to get one of these for so long and I finally got one this week!

Brighter Brightest's new music video for their song "Right For Me". I actually went to this video shoot back in January but you can't see me in the video. It turned out amazing though!

This album! I just recently started listening to Tonight Alive and they are fantastic! I've been listening to this album basically on repeat for the past week or so. They're a female-fronted band from Australia. They're also on the Vans Warped Tour this year so I'm stoked to see them there! The band also has a great cover of Little Lion Man which is worth checking out!

This Pussycat Dolls workout routine. Yes, I know that you're thinking it's probably ridiculous, and some of the moves are, but it's a fun way of exercising and the full hour long video is on youtube! I really should exercise more than I do, so I like how I can do this at home. I did this routine earlier this week and it was such a good workout! I'm definitely going to continue doing this a couple times a week.

This. It bothers me so much whenever people say "I seen..."

I guess that wraps up this week's favourites.What are some of your favourite things this week?

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  1. I absolutely love Tonight Alive and just saw them on Tuesday. Excellent set at Warped Tour and one of the nicest bands ever :)