Monday, July 16, 2012

Vans Warped Tour 2012

Yesterday I attended the Vans Warped Tour in Toronto! It was my 5th year going, and my 4th year shooting it! I had a ton of fun and got to see pretty much all of the bands I wanted to! I'll share some photos I took on my phone in this post, and later on during the week I may post some of my pictures that I shot! Here's a bit of a preview of some of the photos I shot though! And continue reading to hear about my day!

I suppose I'll start with the beginning of my day! The weather was calling for a lot of heat, and a lot of rain - and we ended up getting both. So I wore my new oversized striped tee and some shorts, as well as my TOMS shoes! I carried around a backpack all day with my camera, lenses, snacks, water, and other essentials for the day as well!

The first band that I saw were my friends in Brighter Brightest! They had the first set of the day, playing at 11am. It was awesome to see them play at Warped Tour though! And of course they were fantastic! 

I got to shoot We The Kings which was awesome! I've been a fan of theirs for quite some time. I even saw them perform at my first Warped Tour in 2008! It was also awesome seeing one of my favourite YouTubers and fairly new member of WTK, Charles Trippy, perform! I stuck around to watch their entire set when I was done shooting and they had a camera crew out to film a documentary/music video for the band!

Later on in the afternoon it started POURING rain. I ran and hid inside the girls washroom (with about 30 other people), and later the security came and told everyone to go to the amphitheatre that was at the venue. So all of the thousands of people that were at Warped Tour sat in the amphitheatre to wait out the rain. After about an hour of rain, it stopped and the sun came back out, and Warped went on! And because of the weather, they said that anyone with a Toronto Warped Tour ticket stub can bring it to Warped Tour at Darien Lake on July 17th, and that ticket will work there! I don't think I'll be going though.

Another band that I was really excited to see and shoot was Tonight Alive! I saw Jenna at their merch tent earlier on in the day before the rain and told her how excited I was to see their set and how much I love their music! She was such a sweetheart. I also bought their acoustic CD that they were selling! Their set was so good too. Definitely one of my favourites of the day!

I ended up leaving around 9:40, after watching Mayday Parade end the night on one of the main stages! I was at Warped Tour for 12 hours which is the longest I've ever spent at a Warped Tour. 

These are all of the bands I shot. I now have a whole bunch of photos to edit and post! If you want to see them as they're posted, check out my Flickr and follow my photography Tumblr!

Also, I was devastated to hear that a 19 year old girl passed away at Warped Tour yesterday. I heard she had a heart attack while in the crowd for Chelsea Grin. RIP Taylor <3

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