Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Rack

I've been wanting to buy a nail polish rack for quite some time now, but didn't really want to pay $30-$40 for one. After seeing a couple of tutorials online, I decided I'd make my own! If you want to learn how I made mine, just keep on reading! I ended up making mine for only $6 since the only thing I had to buy was foam boards. The rest of the materials I had at home!

What you'll need:

  • 2 foam boards (I got mine from WalMart for $3/ea.)
  • a ruler
  • an xacto knife
  • a pencil
  • a hot glue gun & extra sticks of glue
  • a cutting board (optional)

1. The first thing I did was cut one of my foam boards to be the size I wanted my nail polish rack to be. This piece would be the back board of it. I cut mine to be 14" x 20".

2. Use a ruler to measure out and draw lines where you want your shelves to be. I drew 4 lines, 4 inches apart, so I will have 6 shelves including the top and bottom of the rack.

3. Then, taking another piece of foam board, cut SIX 14" x 2" pieces. These will be used for the shelves.

4. Cut SIX 14" x 1" pieces of foam board. These pieces will go on the edges of your shelves to help prevent the nail polishes from falling off the shelves.

5. Then, cut TWO 2.5" x 20" pieces of foam board. These will go on the sides of your nail polish rack.

6. Using a glue gun, glue the six 14" x 2" pieces you cut onto the back of your shelf (the 14" x 20" piece) on the lines you drew, as well as at the very top and very bottom of the board. Be fairly generous with the glue, but try not to make it too messy looking. Also, be careful not to burn yourself!

7. Then, glue the two 2.5" x 20" pieces onto the sides of your shelf. Put glue along the long edge of the back board, as well on a few of the sides of the shelves. 

8. Last, glue the six 14" x 1" pieces onto the edges of your shelves.

Fill up your shelf with nail polish and you're done! 

To hang it up, you can drill screws into the back board of your shelf with 2 near the top, and 2 near the bottom. For more detail on hanging your nail polish rack, check out this video tutorial. She discusses hanging it at 12:57 in the video!

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! If you have any other suggestions or requests for DIYs I could do, let me know! I want to start doing more of these for sure!


  1. How could I have not thought of this with all the foam core that I'm always using? Great read!

  2. Wish I would have found this a couple weeks ago, I just had my husband build me a wood one. This would have been much easier! haha

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  4. Careful! I did this a few months ago, and it came crashing down in the middle of the night weeks later! Apparently, I had too much polish on mine... eek!

    1. Ahh thanks for the heads up! Mine actually is still sitting on my floor and hasn't been hung up yet, but hopefully mine holds up!

  5. I'm definitly gonna give this a try with wood instead.
    I have plenty of white thin wood and I really need to get rid of the nail polish in a basket.