Monday, March 4, 2013

Stila Merry & Bright Palette: Swatches, Review, + FOTD

I recently purchased the Merry & Bright palette from Stila on because it was on sale for $8.85 and it was such a good offer that I couldn't pass it up. This is a limited edition holiday palette that Stila released in 2012. I've never owned any Stila makeup but have been wanting to try it for a while, so I was really excited when I saw this on sale at Asos!

Unfortunately, when I opened the palette one of the eye shadows had broken and gotten all over the rest of the palette, including in the cream blush/lip colour at the bottom. I contacted Asos' customer service right away though and they were great. Since the palette was out of stock by then, they refunded my money! So I literally got this for free! I can't really complain about it being broken then, I guess! It is still usable too.

After I cleaned it up a bit the palette was looking much better. It comes in a cardboard palette, with a mirror on the top flap, and it closes with a magnet. The palette is around the size of my hand. The palette includes 6 eye shadows, 1 cream blush/lip colour, and a lip glaze.

The eye shadows in this palette are gorgeous. There are three matte shades, and three shimmery shades. I love that they combined the two, since I love to mix textures in my eye shadow looks! And the 6 shadows included in this palette are perfect for creating neutral everyday looks.

The first 3 shadows are a deep shimmery brown, a matte cream colour, and a shimmery pinky-nude.

The other 3 shadows are a matte medium brown, a matte black, and a shimmery bronze. All of the shadows swatched beautifully, and have a really soft texture. I'm super bummed the medium brown matte shade is the one that broke, because otherwise that's probably the one I would use most! It's so versatile!

The cream blush is a peachy pink colour that I think would be flattering on many different skin tones. It isn't too sticky or dry, it's nice and creamy and applies very smoothly! There is no shimmer in this blush either, so this is a very natural blush colour. This can also be worn on the lips too!

The palette also came with a lip glaze in the shade Kitten. I'm not much of a lip gloss girl (I like my matte lipsticks), but this product could definitely change that for me!

Kitten is a light peachy-bronze colour with lots of golden shimmer. The sparkles aren't too big though so it doesn't look too glittery on the lips, but still provides a beautiful shine. This lipgloss was very comfortable too, and lasted for around 8 hours until I took it off!

Here's a look I created using all 6 shadows, the cream blush, and the lip glaze! I think this palette will definitely get a lot of use! It's also my first time using a cream blush and I love the look of it.

There's another Stila holiday palette on sale on for around $11 and I'm tempted to buy that one too, but I'm worried about that one breaking as well! I might take my chances though, because I love this palette already.

• Low sale price
• Mix of matte and shimmery shadows
• Pigmented and soft shadows
• Beautiful and wearable cream blush
• Wearable and comfortable lip gloss

• One shadow arrived broken

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