Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favourites

I love these pin-up photos!

This desk/studio set up is perfect. I'd love to have a chalkboard wall!

This photo of Tardar Sauce aka grumpy cat is precious.

I love these sunglasses from Asos!

I really want one of these 'Positive Vibes' beanie!

Target Canada has finally arrived! One opened up near me and I've already been a couple of times.

Menchie's has mini eggs as a topping today. Yum.

I went to Toronto with a few friends last weekend!

My sister and I went to Starbucks last weekend when she came home for a few days. (My order is a non-fat cinnamon dolce frappucino creme blended!)

I love this ampersand wall at Topshop in Toronto!

I broke out all my pastel nail polishes this week for some Easter nails!

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  1. I have been posting that picture of Grumpy Cat EVERYWHERE.