Wednesday, March 11, 2015

50 Blog Post Ideas for When You're in a Rut

We've all been there. It's come time to get another blog post up, but you just have no idea what to post! I like to try and plan blog posts a little bit ahead of time so I don't get stuck with no ideas, but I've made a list of blog post ideas for when I need a bit of inspiration! Whenever I get an idea for a blog post I add it to my list that I keep in my phone, and today I'm sharing what's on that list with you! Some of these are blog posts I've done before or plan on doing, but I thought it might be helpful to some of you!
  1. Current favourite beauty products
  2. Makeup organization tips
  3. Favourites from a particular brand
  4. A-Z of things you love
  5. Favourite bloggers
  6. Favourite Instagram accounts
  7. Favourite YouTubers
  8. Budget beauty picks
  9. Beauty dupes you've come across
  10. Products with your favourite packaging
  11. Products you have repurchased
  12. Products you've used up
  13. Favourite iPhone apps
  14. Music favourites
  15. Favourite TV show/movie of the moment
  16. A book review
  17. An everyday makeup routine
  18. An everyday hair tutorial
  19. Your skincare routine
  20. A monthly playlist
  21. Home decor wishlist
  22. Beauty product wishlist
  23. Fashion wishlist
  24. Your blogging tips
  25. An outfit of the day
  26. Share your workspace
  27. A day in the life
  28. Your blogging process, from ideas to posting
  29. Host a giveaway
  30. Nail of the day
  31. Your red lip picks
  32. Colour themed favourites (i.e. all pink products)
  33. Seasonal beauty picks
  34. A get ready with me video
  35. Books you want to read
  36. Your favourite magazines
  37. A travel diary
  38. A favourite recipe
  39. 10 facts about you your followers may not know
  40. A what's in my bag post
  41. A review of a product new to your collection
  42. Your tips for perfect (insert product here) application (eyeliner, lipstick, etc.)
  43. Your goals for the month/year
  44. A nail art tutorial
  45. Photos from an outing you took to a place you enjoy (cafe, shops, etc.)
  46. Fashion picks for the season
  47. Disappointing products
  48. A fun tag for your followers to get to know you better
  49. A haul of things you've recently bought
  50. Your own list of blog post ideas!
Where do you get inspiration for blog posts when you're in a blogging rut?

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