Sunday, September 23, 2012

eBay Haul!

This haul is looong overdue. I ordered 5 things from eBay in a week last month, and one of the items didn't end up coming in the mail, but the sender has just resent it. I didn't feel like waiting another 2-4 weeks for that item to arrive to post this haul though, so I thought I'd just share the other 4 things I got!

I used to be really hesitant to shop on eBay, but after I sort of discovered how many awesome (and inexpensive!) things there are on eBay, I'm hooked now!

The first thing I got is this geometric necklace! I saw one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus, NikkieTutorials, wearing it in a video of hers and I had to have it! I'm not really a big necklace person, but I really want to start getting more into wearing bold necklaces and bracelets! This necklace is sort of a knockoff of this House of Harlow necklace, which is sold for $76. But I got mine for only $2.80! // eBay Link!

The next thing I ordered was this floral iPhone case! I only had 1 iPhone case I really used, so I wanted to get some more so I can switch them up! This case says Cath Kidston, but I'm not sure if it's an authentic Cath Kidston case. It looks pretty authentic to me though, and the $5.50 price tag definitely beats the $40 one on real Cath Kidston cases! // eBay Link!

I got another necklace during that week of purchases too! I saw a similar necklace (only in pink) in a lookbook post, and I loved the bold look of it so much I hunted one down on eBay! This necklace comes in green, hot pink, and blue. It is definitely a statement piece, but I love it so much! // eBay Link!

The last item I got was a beauty sponge! I had heard so much about Beauty Blenders on YouTube and I really wanted to try one out, but without spending $20-$30 on it. I found a similar sponge on eBay for less than $2.00! I tried it out for the first time this morning (after I took these photos) and I have to say I'm not really a fan. Maybe it's not as good of quality as the Beauty Blenders, or maybe it's something I should try out again, but for now I think I'll just be sticking to my foundation brushes. // ebay Link!

I'm sure I will have some more eBay hauls in the future, since I've already ordered something else since I bought these items, and I had to have another item re-shipped. Overall I'm really happy with my purchases from eBay though! So many great items for hardly any money!

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  1. Amazing finds! I need to go on and buy that necklace now!!! Thanks for sharing

    Amy <3