Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog Designs!

Hi everyone! I've decided I'm going to start doing custom blog designs! I will be starting my second year of Graphic Design in school this week and I really enjoy doing this sort of thing, but don't want to be constantly re-designing my own blog!

I know not everyone can afford $100-$200 on hiring a designer for their blog, so I thought I'd start doing some designs for a reasonable and affordable price!

For $30 I will design you:
  • a blog header
  • a custom background design and/or a background with blog edges (i.e. scalloped edges, lace edges, etc.)
  • an about me sidebar photo & description
  • social media buttons
  • post signature
  • a button and html code for your blog for others to promote you on their blogs
If you are interested in a custom blog design or have any questions, email me at! If you'd like I can also design you single things I mentioned above if you aren't interested in the entire package. Feel free to email me for pricing of those! I will accept payments through PayPal.

Here are a few samples of my recent work in blog design:

My first blog design.

A banner for my friend Justine's blog.

My current blog design.

Laura's blog design at Sweet Heart, Sweet Mind.

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