Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favourites

Well I have to start off with the single most important thing that happened this week, and that is the premiere of the trailer for The Fault In Our Stars!!!!! This is my all-time favourite book. If you haven't read it then go read it right now and be sure to catch the movie this June!

This bun with a floral crown is the most precious thing my goodness.

This tweet from Dianna Agron. If lipstick = witchcraft, I must be a full-blown witch by now.

This series of Frozen typography/illustration posters by Risa Rodil.

This comic is too accurate.

Look at this baby koala!!!

Another incredibly accurate comic.

P!nk's performance at the Grammy's (featuring Nate Ruess) was flawless.

This ampersand manicure done by Katy at "Nailed It" is flawless. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm a huge design nerd and a wee bit ampersand-obsessed!

And lastly, Paramore's new music video for Ain't It Fun!

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  1. I nearly died. That baby koala is too cute!