Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favourites

I realized like half way through this week that I forgot to do my Friday Favourites post last week! Sorry about that! I do have quite a few things to share with you today though! :)
I love this hand embroidered/sewn type.

A guy raised $6000 to "hire a man in a plane to write stupid things in the sky" and I think it's hilarious.

I love this One Picture Saves a Life initiative to help dogs and cats get adopted! They help shelter staff learn how to groom and photograph shelter pets to help them get adopted!

I love these photos of a Sigur Ros concert in the mountains. It looks magical.

This street art by Kid Acne is wonderful. I love the lettering and colours he uses!

These photos are really, really cool.

I got some pretty cute flats at Walmart!

I ordered some stickers from Redbubble! I sell my designs, and 2 of these are my designs, on Redbubble where you can buy them as stickers, tshirts, iphone cases, prints, and more! This is my shop!

I saw Paramore in Toronto on Monday! They've been one of my favourite bands for years so it was incredible seeing them again!

So much confetti at the concert!

I bought a denim bustier yesterday at Marshall's to wear with my new skater skirt from Forever 21!

I've been burning this candle so much this week. It's Espresso Bar from Bath & Body Works!

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