Thursday, April 25, 2013

ELF Haul!

I recently made an order from ELF ( when they were doing a 50% off sale and got a bunch of goodies! There was a coupon code you could enter at the checkout to get 50% off your entire order! So instead of everything being (the already incredibly cheap) $1 and $3, I got these products for either $0.50 or $1.50!

The first product I got is a cream eyeliner. I'm a liquid eyeliner girl, and have been for 5-6 years. But I've heard a lot of amazing things about cream or gel eyeliners too and I wanted to give one a try! So I decided to get this ELF one since it's so inexpensive it wouldn't be a big deal at all if I ended up not being a fan. But I tried it today and so far I quite like it!

The next product, and the reason for me making this order, is the Eyebrow Kit in Medium. For the past few years I've been using a brown eyeshadow in my collection to fill in my brows, but the eyeshadow is almost gone and the company has since discontinued that line of shadows! So after hearing some great things about ELF's Eyebrow Kit I decided to get one to try out! I've only used it once now but I really like it! The colour isn't too dark or too light for my brows. I also like the combination of the tinted wax and powder!

I also got one of ELF's Studio blushes. These blushes have been raved about in the beauty community so I finally gave in and picked one up. I got it in the shade Mellow Mauve. It's a really natural colour but it's so pretty on. It's not too dark for my fair skintone and gives my cheeks a natural glow!

I got a few brushes/tools in my order as well. I picked up the Studio Blush Brush. The brush is much smaller than I thought it would be and it's kind of flat, but it does apply blush quite nicely. I'm not sure if this will become my everyday blush brush or not, but if I don't use it for blush I can use it for contouring and highlighting! The bristles are really soft as well and not scratchy one bit! I got one of these for my mom as well since she was wanting a new blush brush too!

Since I got the cream eyeliner I figured I'd get an Angled Eyeliner Brush as well since the brush that comes with the eyeliner didn't look like it'd be the best. I'm so glad I got this! I applied the cream eyeliner today and it was one of my first experiences with cream eyeliner, but this brush made it so much easier! It has a very fine point so it was great at making precise lines!

I got a Eyelash & Brow Wand (or a spoolie as I call it). I didn't have one in my collection and for $0.50 I thought I'd just get one!

And last, I got a Nourishing Cuticle Pen. I've been wanting to get a cuticle oil for a while but wanted something easy and not messy to apply. This pen has a tip just like a marker and makes application so easy!

Overall I'm super impressed with these products so far! I tried them all out for the first time and I could easily see many of them becoming part of my daily routine. And with the 50% off code this entire order was only $10 (not including shipping)! Amazing!

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