Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chanel Tentation Nail Polish Dupe?

I was going through my nail polish collection and saw a nail polish that looked very similar to the Chanel nail polish I recently won. So I decided to pull it out and swatch them side by side to see!

The nail polish is Revlon Colorstay in 070 Wild Strawberry. They look quite similar in the bottle!

On the nail you can see that Chanel Tentation is slightly more red than Revlon's Wild Strawberry. Wild Strawberry also has more of the blueish magenta shimmer that both polishes have.

You can definitely tell that they aren't identical, but they still are very similar! If you don't want to spend $27 on this Chanel nail polish, you should definitely check out this Revlon one! It's a great alternative!

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