Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mini Lipstick Haul / Swatches and Review! - NYC Sheer Red and Rimmel London Kate Moss 101

Today I got two new lipsticks from Walmart so I thought I'd show you some photos and do quick first impression reviews of them! The lipsticks I got are NYC Sheer Red and Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick in 101.

NYC "Sheer Red"
I got NYC Sheer Red because after watching emilynoel83's Emily Awards for Lips this year, she named this lipstick as her favourite red lipstick for the 4th year in a row. After watching her videos for a few years now and keep hearing her talk about this lipstick I finally decided to try it out! And it was only $2!

The lipstick is a cool-toned red that is slightly deeper than the average bright red lipstick. As its name claims, it is slightly sheer, but it makes for a more wearable red lip and the colour is buildable.

This lipstick felt really smooth and comfortable on my lips. It wasn't sticky and I didn't notice any scents. My lips felt moisturized and had a slight shine. Overall I really enjoy this lipstick! I may not call in my #1 red, but for days where I want to wear a more subtle red lip I'm sure I'll be reaching for this!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick "101"

The next lipstick is one I've had my eye on for a little while, and it's 101 from the Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick line. It is a light, cool-toned pink, that has a matte finish. This lipstick is opaque and goes on the lips really nicely.

When I first put this lipstick on I noticed a slight fruity scent, but it didn't bother me at all, I actually liked it! I had been wearing a bit of Burts Bee's lip balm when I applied this and it made application easy. This lipstick didn't feel dry at all on my lips, but that was probably because of the lip balm I had on under it. I usually wear lip balm of some sort under any matte lip though to keep my lips feeling more moisturized! I really love this lipstick and will probably become one of my most used! It's subtle enough to wear as an everyday lip, but still gives the lips a nice colour!

What are some of your favourite lipsticks from the drugstore? I've been expanding my collection lately and would love any recommendations!

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  1. Love that Kate Moss color. Ever since I got the Lady Gaga MAC lipstick I have avoided those lighter pinks since it never looked good on me but it looks great on you!