Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Get Ready With Me | Everyday Glam

I was playing with my new camera the other day and I thought I'd try filming a video with it! It's not perfect but I'm happy with how it came out considering it was my first time trying the video function! I did a get ready with me video featuring the look I wear most often. This is my go-to makeup look because I know it'll always look good for any occasion. The eye look is neutral as well and looks great with any lip colour! I might start making a couple of videos here and there but this blog will still remain primarily regular blog posts, it won't become all videos so no worries! Let me know what you think below or if you have any other video ideas!


  1. Loved this - envious of your ability to do winged eyeliner so effortlessly.

    1. Thanks! And it's taken me years and years of practice haha!