Sunday, March 16, 2014

Instagram Round-Up #3

1. Here's my outfit of the day for today! I wore a khaki green knit sweater from Target with my American Eagle black skinny jeans.

2. On Saturday I went snow tubing with my family! It was so much fun! We used to go a lot when my sister and I were kids and it was fun going back!

3. These are a few things I picked up at Walmart this weekend. I'll be posting about most of the makeup I got in upcoming posts!

4. I got these cutout ankle boots on clearance at Target for only $24.99! And they cost me even less with my employee discount ;)!

5. This Mondrian-inspired cake was at the FLARE Magazine offices one morning this week. It was so cool!

6. The oh-so-lovely spring weather we had this week :(

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