Sunday, March 2, 2014

Instagram Round-Up #1

I've decided to start a new series of posts - Instagram Round-up! It's a quick post I can make on Sundays just sharing some things I posted on Instagram throughout the week! It appears I did quite a bit of shopping this week haha. Below I'll kind of talk about each photo! Let me know if you like the idea of this and if you'd like it to be a weekly thing!

1. A little haul from last weekend. I scored a NARS Pierre Hardy nail polish duo at Winners for only $16.99! I'll do a swatch post soon! I also got some Katie Daisy notebooks from Marshall's, and a new hair straightener since mine broke. The straightener was regular $70-$80, was on sale for $30, and then was 50% off too! And it works great! Such a steal.

2.A shot of my new patent black pumps that I wore to work at FLARE this week. I'm a tall girl and I'm finally getting used to wearing heels. These ones are so comfy too!

3. I bought MAC Ronnie Red off someone's Instagram shop! Back when the Archie's Girls MAC collection came out I didn't have a job or the money to spend on MAC makeup, but I found this one for sale and had to buy it! The packaging is to die for.

4. My breakfast at FLARE this week. Starbucks banana loaf and Naked Green Machine juice. So yummy!

5. This Friday I got to photograph Hedley's concert! If you don't know, I'm a music photographer. You can check out my photos here! It was such a fun show to shoot!

6. I went shopping at Target and got some new clothes for spring! Even though these don't look very springy. I guess I'll be wearing black and white into spring/summer!

7. I picked up a shirt from Bethany Mota's spring Aeropostale collection. I've been watching her on YouTube for the past couple of years and I loved this top! I put together a little outfit with my new high waisted shorts and cardigan from Target!

8. This is my attempt at crown/milkmaid braids! I tried it the other night, but of course when I attempted it again the next day it didn't turn out nearly as well. This always happens when I try new hairstyles! They look perfect before I go to bed, but when I try to do it in the morning it doesn't work out :(

And that was my week! You can follow me on Instagram here!

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