Tuesday, February 18, 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
As some of you may know from my past "Favourites" posts, I'm a big fan of Rimmel's Stay Matte face powder. So when I saw that they had released a Stay Matte foundation, I immediately picked it up! I typically enjoy matte finish foundations with medium to full coverage which is exactly what this foundation does.
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
The consistency of this foundation is different than the typical foundation since it is a mousse formula. I use approximately a blueberry-sized amount of foundation to cover my entire face. Usually I apply foundation with a foundation brush (such as a Sigma F80 or Sedona Lace Flat Top Buffer), but I've found I prefer the finish and feel of this foundation when I apply it with a damp makeup sponge. The one I have is a similar sponge to the beauty blender that I got from Winners. 

To apply, I dot the foundation all over my face, focusing more on the areas that need more coverage, and then go in and stipple it into my skin with the sponge using the side of it and pointed top for precise areas. I then go in with a second layer of foundation where needed. 

I found when using the sponge versus a brush you get slightly lighter coverage, but it also feels less heavy on the skin and clings less to dry areas. I like the added moisture the damp sponge gives during application, because otherwise the foundation does cling to dry areas. With both a sponge or a brush this foundation does a really great job of evening out skintone and covering blemishes.
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Above is what my face looked like before foundation (I never thought I'd post a bare-faced picture on the internet but here we are), and after applying the foundation on top of my moisturizer and primer. Below that is my full-face of makeup. After the foundation I applied concealer under my eyes and on a few spots which I blended in with my makeup sponge and then topped it off with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I then finished my skin with bronzer, blush, and highlight and applied the rest of my makeup.

As far as wear goes, this foundation is quite long-lasting. It keeps me matte throughout the day for the most part, I only have to blot or reapply powder to my chin after around 6-8 hours which isn't bad at all. It doesn't last as long as long-wearing foundations like Revlon ColorStay, but it does hold up well throughout the standard day. I do find it fades from my chin and sides of my nose and a bit on my forehead after about 8-10 hours, but as I said it still does hold up well enough for the typical day!

Overall yes, I would recommend this foundation! If you're looking for a foundation with good coverage and a matte finish that's also on the less expensive side it'd definitely be worth checking out!

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