Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Portrait Illustration Commissions

“portrait I feel like there's a big part of me that I don't share too often on my blog, and that is that I'm a graphic designer and illustrator! I graduated from college last spring for Graphic Design and I've been freelancing since then. I'm currently trying to work my way up to being able to freelance as my full-time job! Right now my current favourite thing to do is create portrait illustrations! I've done some for some bloggers and YouTubers and I really enjoy making them! I made the illustration below of Essie Button and she very kindly shared it on her Instagram and Twitter, which helped give me a fair bit of exposure! I like including small illustrations of items relevant to the person surrounding them so you learn a little more about the person illustrated through the portrait.
I just thought I'd make a post about this since it is what I spend a fair amount of my time doing. If any of you are interested in having a portrait illustration done, or just want some design work done in general either for your blog or anything else, feel free to email me at for a quote! You can also see more of my design work on my website! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway of some sort where the winner would win a custom portrait illustration by me, possibly when I hit a follower milestone! If that's something you'd be interested, let me know below!

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  1. Gosh all your portraits are so cute! And I think a giveaway is a great idea :)