Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog Update

“quit Hi everyone! Sorry for kind of disappearing this week and not posting! I've been hard at work on an exciting new project! 

I'm currently rebranding my blog and graphic design website and will be combining the two! I'll be relaunching my website and blog in 1-2 weeks! My blog will contain more design, blogging, and business related content, while still including beauty and lifestyle content as well! I feel like with my blog and design work combined into one website, it'll give readers a chance to get to know me better and I'll have a better opportunity to share more of my knowledge and interests too. My website will also be a place for me to share my design portfolio and services for anyone who's interested! I don't have a set date for the relaunch, but keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for any updates along the way! I'll of course post here when my new website launches too! I'm really excited about this new endeavor and I hope you guys are excited too!

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