Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lorac Pro 2 Palette | Review + Swatches

When I was in the USA this summer visiting my friend Sara, I bought the Lorac Pro palette. Since then, it has become a staple in my collection. At the time the Lorac Pro 2 had just come out and though I was tempted by it, I decided to just stick with the original. Well, to my surprise, Sara picked me up the Lorac Pro 2 palette and sent it to me for Christmas! I was honestly shocked when I opened it and was so, so excited. Over the past 5 months I had come to love the Lorac Pro palette so much and was counting on buying this one next time I went to the states (which I don't know how far away that'd be). Since getting this palette I've used it multiple times a week!

This palette is in the same format as the original Lorac Pro palette. It's encased in matte, thin, cardboard packaging and has magnetic closure. Even though it is cardboard it still feels sturdy and nice. In the palette there are 16 shadows - 8 mattes across the top row and 8 shimmers along the bottom. The original palette was full of more classic neutral shades whereas this palette consists of some more unique shades. So far with my looks with this palette I've been playing it pretty safe, but I can't wait to experiment with some of the less neutral shades (I mean, just look at that navy!). I really can't say whether I prefer the original or this one. Both have the same amazing buttery, pigmented textured shadows, and both are so great for everyday wear to more daring looks. If you're an eyeshadow lover I really don't think you can go wrong with either (or both!) of these palettes!


  1. That swampy green colour! <3_<3

  2. The swatches are soooo bloody gorgeous!

    1. Aren't they? Such a gorgeous palette. And quite different from so many neutral palettes already out there!

  3. How did I miss this post!? I absolutely love my Lorac Pro 2. Definitely one of my most used palette. I love your swatches, they look great!