Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Favourites

The first Friday Favourites post of the year! And hopefully the first of many!

Katie Daisy's artwork and lettering. I got a Katie Daisy calendar from Chapters last week and I absolutely fell in love with her work.

This tshirt, and the other things sold at The Unrefinery.

These jellyfish lights!

This silly cat.

This illustration is sadly true for me.

It cracked me up when Jennifer Lawrence said this when she accepted her award for Favourite Movie Actress at the People's Choice Awards this week.

These sugar and spice cupcakes look absolutely delicious.

These food pun illustrations are adorable and hilarious. There's a bunch of them here!

fun. released a new song for the tv show 'Girls' and it's so great!

~Instagram Faves~

This is something I lettered during my hand lettering project, but throughout this year I'm going to fill this jar up with goals and memories and then at the end of the year go through them all! And if there are any goals I didn't achieve I'll put them back into the jar for next year!

I started school agan this week and on the first day back they were giving out free hot chocolate!

I found a few old photos of my cat this week when she was a little kitten!

I got a pack of 6 micron pens in various sizes to do more hand lettering with! I had 1 pen before and loved it so I'm excited to have more in other sizes!

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